Patriotism or Just Obsessed?

We are all ambassadors, we market our brand to everyone in the world. Usain Bolt and other famous Jamaicans are all ambassadors, getting people curious about our countries, getting them to visit, which helps our economy which in turn, helps our friends and families. And that’s why people love us so much, we are just warm and friendly all the time.


March for Our Lives

As I’m writing this blog on my phone, I’m sitting in a barbershop tired and sleepy. I’m gonna write about…

Independent Thinking

Look, truth is, sometimes its hard to avoid groupthink. You probably don’t want to tell your friend that the plan or idea is horseshit because it will hurt their feelings. But if you are a true friend, it’s just something you have to get comfortable with. Likewise in relationships, business, leadership and much more. Stay away from Groupthink!

Murder by Law

Death: It’s inevitable, we all have to go someday. You may not know how, or when or where, but one…